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Strata Asset Systems are providing an affordable subscription-based service for Strata managers.

It assembles a real-time, risk-based budget setting tool for the strata’s maintenance and renewal activities.


We are introducing industry-leading best practice Asset Management planning practices to the Strata industry. Life cycle costings to support strata managers and strata unit owners.

A live “Asset Management Plan” for strata.


There are several software packages that help with maintenance management - we are not like them. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we come online.


We have revised the process that develops outcomes for current “maintenance plans” into a real-time, risk-based, geographical format that can be accessed at any time. It can be used annually for setting and validating budgets. It uses live data, not from paper-based projections that many use to establish their capital or sinking funds.


We have four key principles that form the basis for our tool and our IP.


Strata Property Asset Management by SAS – “Who plans wins”