Whole of Life Forecasting

Simplify Your Renewal Budget Planning with Strata Asset Systems

Lifecycle Modelling for your Strata


Budget costings


Asset management


Maintenance planning

Strata Asset Systems provides an affordable subscription-based service for Strata managers, Owners Corporations and Strata Owners.
We've developed 'WOLF' a real-time, risk-based budget setting tool for strata maintenance and renewal activities.

Strata Asset Systems - Who plans, wins!

Strata Asset Systems uses WOLF – Whole Of Life Forecasting, to provide an evidence based, prioritised and simplified method to forecast your sinking fund. We provide an affordable subscription-based service for Strata Owners and Strata Managers to access real-time costings for their maintenance and renewal budgets

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Take charge of your budgeting process

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The site inspection


The replacement timeframe


The asset register


Budget requirements


The current condition rating


Ongoing price variation updates

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