About Strata Asset Systems

Our cutting-edge WOLF software is revolutionising strata budget forecasting

We have revised the process that develops outcomes for current “maintenance plans” into a real-time, risk-based, geographical format that can be accessed at any time. It can be used annually for setting and validating budgets. It uses live data, not from paper-based projections that many use to establish their capital or sinking funds.

For Strata Managers

For Strata Owners

For Owners' Corporations

Subscription-based service

for Strata Managers

We provide an affordable subscription-based service for Strata managers.
WOLF assembles real-time, risk-based budget-setting tools for the strata’s maintenance and renewal activities.

How WOLF Works

There are several software packages that help with maintenance management - but WOLF is unlike any other on the market.
Several of our unique features:

  • A real-time maintenance and renewal forecasting tool
  • Meeting the requirements of the Victorian Strata Maintenance Plan Legislation
  • Subscription-based to enable live updates to be provided at all times
  • Removes the need for special “levies” from owner’s corporations under-budgeting
  • A defensible and quantifiable method of assembling the budgets
  • Costings are validated by our own Quantity Surveyor
  • Two main functions of providing:
    a. the state of the assets (the “now”) and
    b. the budget forecasting (the “future”)
  • Special functions and parameters allowing for location (metro, regional, rural), quality of fitment and importance
  • Budget setting for 10+ years
  • Graphical representation and downloadable formats for integrating with other forecasting and budget software.

Providing you peace of mind knowing our process is using leading edge Asset Management methodologies and the costings are verified.

Minting & redeeming

Enterprises, including institutional traders, or officials can easily convert fiat currency to BLCK to trade on crypto exchanges and DeFi protocols, and convert it back to fiat currency at any time on an exchange.

Sending & receiving on-chain

Global businesses can use BLCK for instant payouts to vendors and suppliers, and direct deposit payroll for employees. (remittance companies, eCommerce marketplaces, game studios, DAOs and others).

Investing, borrowing & lending

BLCK is integral to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a new set of code-based financial markets that eliminates intermediaries and matches buyers, sellers, borrowers and lenders via smart contracts, for secure transfers.


Contact us today at Strata Asset Systems to learn more about how WOLF can streamline your strata forecasting and management planning.